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Richard Jarboe is a life long poet, songwriter, musician and playwrite.  Artistic highlights include: 

  • Buffalo Bills Saloon, lyrics and score for Colorado Ballet and Roxey Ballet versions
  • There Goes the Judge, a play performed in both the Los Angeles and New Orleans Fringe Festivals
  • The Danger of Grey Fat, a poetic rant offered at the San Francisco Fringe 
  • Hamelin, an 80's rock musical performed at the Circle in the Square, NYC
  • The Pied Piper Ballet, part of the Roxey Ballet's repertory since 2002
  • The Science of Subatomic Love, promoting love as a subatomic particle at Princeton Arts Council
  • The Funky Man Testifies, a man's struggle with holes performed at Bowery Poetry Club, NYC 
Richard currently serves as the Resident Composer to The Roxey Ballet where he and Mark Roxey strive to create dance performance that inspires social consciousness. Their pieces have been featured on PBS, NJPAC, and at O'Bama's Inaugural Celebration. When not in the dance studio, Richard can be found performing an all original repertoire in the greater Princeton and Lambertville regions. 

A selection of free Jarboe is available on Poem Hunter and Jango Radio Books and CD's are also available for purchase at CD Baby & Amazon

Newly released CD, Playing for Time. Available online. 

Previous CD's:

 December 22, 2011
 "Richard Jarboe's sinuous language swoops down on you like a hawk and warps is wordy talons around your brain, taking you from  the myths of creation and pantheistic deities to the dopplegangered orbits of Elvis and  the Statue of Liberty.  Along the way he delights in making the reader laugh out loud at the profundities and reveals the uniquely oblique angles from which he observes the quotidian challenges of this mystery we call life. Read him and you will be amazed!"  -Roger Steffens author/actor
Over 150 poems pertaining to life, liberty and the reckless pursuit of money, war, love and understanding. Subjects include gold, plants, ghosts, pawn shops, walls, botox, a description of Hell freezing over and Elvis as the Patron Saint of Parking. Subjects span many years and locations. The book looks into milestone years in American History. It speaks of Mayan mythology and discusses the motives of BIG CHINA. It asks the question: "Could raising the dead be over-stepping the mark?" It explores the fate of Giordano Bruno. It suggests we put zoologists in a cage, and see what they do. It explores how to rob a bank and the spirit of New Jersey. It even gives a Jersey version of the Ramayana, the Hindu epic poem. It compares Rock n' Roll stars to mules and suggests there should be a Yale Lemon Law. The last poem in the book is called "The Word", a reflection upon the contents of the book itself.

Publication Date: April, 1989
Forty poems reflecting life in the 80's. Dedicated to all those who have stumbled upon the trash stashed in the outback of paradise.

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